Joining our Workshops is a way to get to know ELAP. Also for those interested in joining the ELAP Trajectory the offered workshops is a great indication to get to know the work. the ELAP Trajectory consist of 7 modules within an almost 2 year period. A NEW Trajectory is planned in the beginning of 2025.

From the body into the musicality of objects
the fascia gives us the experience of wholeness and fluidity of matter. The flesh gives us the quality of fullness and fulfilling of time. With this experience objects will be included that will move or make a sound. Think about paper, foil, balls etc. We will explore variations of f.e. a movement becomes an image, becomes a sound. Or music becomes an image, becomes a movement.
I will provide objects but please bring also your objects of interest.

From the body into the musical space
We will focus on the somatic exploration through the fascia body system using hands-on work. The fascia is our number one sensory organ and connected together throughout the whole body. It gives a sense of wholeness and interconnectedness. From embodying the fascia we will practice ensemble work and experience what unfolds in the spaces in between.

From the body into sound
We will focus on the flesh (muscle, fascia, fat) as a unified system for absorption. Allowing information like movements and sounds to be absorbed through the flesh gives us a fullness of movement and sound and a specific fulfilling of time. An ongoing practice of absorbing material into manifesting of material.
Feel free to bring your instruments.

Dates to be announced
10.30 - 17.30h

Musical Embodiment Workshop series by Iris van Peppen

In these transdisciplinary workshop series the starting point is the somatic practice as a resource to tap into embodiment, musicality and imagination.
Through guided visualizations, hands-on and embodiment practice we are informed about our perception of time and space. We will explore what musicality means in movement, sound and including of objects. It’s a practice of complexity within simplicity, in making the invisible visible.

These workshop series are for people interested in this somatic method for composing. For musicians, movement artists or anyone feeling called by this work.
The series is build up towards composing with different layers of material and therefor joining the full series is recommended. However joining single workshops is possible.

April & €70,- / May 11 € 70,- / June 1 & 2 €140,- / full series only €250,-
July 1 - 7
info tba

Summer intensive with Marisa Grande, Iris van Peppen & guests