Tuesday 19.00 - 22.00 o'clock


In this training we focus on the performative body by integrating knowledge from somatic dance practices. Our practice is rooted in instant composition, improvisation, principles from BMC, experiential anatomy, CI and movement research. Through hands-on exploration exercises focused on it's manifestations in space and time we learn to articulate our dance while keeping our body-mind present and available. Through embodiment practice we can tap into our imagination and musicality in movement. The doing, witnessing and reflecting is crucial in these classes to gain a deeper understanding of this layering and complexity in composition.

This training is open for movers that wish to commit to this work and are ready to integrate somatic knowledge. This class is full, please try out our class on Wednesday.

Before Sept 1 €890,- Season | €89,- P/M €950,- Season | €95,- P/M
Wednesday 19.00 - 20.30 o'clock


"The body is a clear place" - Erick Hawkins
This movement research class is an opportunity for movers to dive into somatic principles in an explorative and experiential way.

Class - open level
In this class we take time to explore different bodysystems such as the skeletal system, fluid system, organs or a specific organ or bone. We'll use hands-on, CI, witnessing and reflection. When we engage and bring our 'mind' to a system this experience will give insight on our movement qualities, widening our movement vocabulary, perceptual awareness and creative proces.

€530,- Season | €53,- P/M
Wednesday 19.00 - 22.00 o'clock - Open level


The Somatic Movement & Improvisation is an open level class for people that have an interest or experience in integrating a somatic experience within the context of a real time composition.

This class starts with a somatic exploration and continues into the creative proces and real time composition. The somatic topics of our research are f.e. fascia, bones, the fluid system.
We will engage how our somatic experience is influencing our perceptual awareness, imagination and the organization of our (movement) material in space and time.
In these classes it's both important to practice, witness and reflect.

Iris will bring focus to the understanding of -and integrating knowledge in - a creative process.
We will explore the potential of composition by touching our senses and the use of play!

Before Sept 1 €930,- Season | €93,- P/M €950,- Season | €95,- P/M