With my company, I create sensorial performances with minimal and radical choices in sound, movement and space.

Central in my work is to create different experiences of time and space: sharing the stage with different disciplines. All performers share equal challenges that consist of decentralizing the traditional point of focus: the human. This raises questions about how we share time and space and have meaningful relations. Non-agency, involving the dynamics of other life forms, things and people, means working with instant composition. In the current social context this needs to be re-investigated. Emancipation, environmental and social factors urge us to relook at our position in relation to others and our context whether that is on or offline.

Live music as a communicator is very important in my work.
Music and dance are both alive; they have a live dialogue and spatiality.

That moment silence was so loud

A transdisciplinary researchperformance in which audience sits in.
Embodied listening and real time composition is the core of the work of Iris van Peppen. Sound becomes an image. Something that starts as a movement can be acknowledged the next moment as a sound.
A light designer, composer, dramaturge, dancer and choreographer create together experiences of time and space. Open your senses and enjoy the unfolding of different landscapes!

Het Huis Utrecht
Boorstraat 107 Utrecht
Oct 28 & 29 at 15.30 o'clock

With Rosa van Walbeek, Fransien van der Putt, Lux Sauer, Ellen Knops and Hugo Ariëns.
This research is supported by Broedplaats 's-Hertogenbosch.

April & June Residency at Broedplaats 's-Hertogenbosch
August 8/9/10 Festival Boulevard

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Landscaping Landscapes

A performative installation in which the artists Iris van Peppen, Rosa van Walbeek, Marc Nukoop, Hugo Ariëns, Ellen Knops and Fransien van der Putt find the scenic through sound, movement, video, light and materiality. By exposing textures in sounds and materials, abrupt movements and glittering of lights the audience is invited to stroll, zoom in or extend their gaze.

Fragments of Sky

Concert and dance performance in one, between punk and meditation, Fragments of Sky shifts the boundaries of a dance performance. A spectacle for the audience, where also their embodiment is being addressed by making pulse, affect and energy concrete. Fragments of Sky is an interdisciplinary performance, moving between instrumentalism and materialism.

Fragments of Sky

Fragments of Sky

Pulse Project

In 2018, I started the Pulse Project to research vibration and pulsing in movement and sound. The project includes two short performances, Pulse#1 and Nucleus, researching vibration of bodies and sound (Pulse#1) and the repetition of simple pulsating movements (Nucleus). The final piece is the full-evening performance Fragments of Sky, where I research the complexity of vibration and pulsation by fusion and differentiation of bodies, objects and disciplines.

Pulse#1 immerses the audience in the vibrant relantionship between dancers, sound and space. Varying from a pulsing rhythm, like a heartbeat, until stilled presence.

Nucleus is a solo performance where a female dancer researches the pulsating body. With minimal space and movement a maximal experience is created.




In our first performance, INSTINCT, the research was primarily based around the question if something like the human instinct exists. The audience is placed in an intimate setting, first standing around the dancers and later sitting literally in the middle; becoming the silent partner of a ritualistic performance where three dancers reveal human and animal instinctive movements. By showing how these movements are intertwined, we are confronted by our own (human) nature.
Based on this performance, a 7 minute dancefilm was made and shown at Cindedans shorts, but also in the US, China, Greece, Turkey and Italy.