me: iris van peppen

PULSE - Research
Everyday we are bombared with 'noises'. Allow these noises of information to pass through so that you can listen to the puls of your own breath and heartbeat. Find out the place deep inside of you that has stored your imagination bursting to come out.
Sound: Marc Nukoop / Light: Ellen Knops
With as little movement and space to create a large impact of ingenuity.
Sound: Marc Nukoop / Dance: Kim Hoogterp

An evolution in reverse
Three dancers go to extreme lengths in an eddy of live electronic music as primal instincts come to the fore. They literally surround the audience. Allow yourself to be carried along to the ‘primordial heart’ of our existence. Visceral human and animal movement unravels into dance before our eyes. Evolution in reverse order; everything seems connected.
Sound: Marc Nukoop & Ard Kok / Light: Ellen Knops